Super Easy Cookies…Really!

Happy 4th of July!  In this country, we are all blessed with the freedom to worship and share what we think and believe! Today, since it is a holiday I want to share my favorite cookie recipe…

Cake mix cookies are not new…in fact there are many recipes available, but this recipe has helped me to make and share cookies with many family and friends.  Start to finish I can make a batch in less than 40 minutes, including cleaning up!  It is Kiddo friendly because these cookies are so easy to make.  Don’t forget a small paper plate of cookies can brighten anyone’s day!  Make some to send to the office, take to the neighbor or surprise a friend who needs cheering up!Enjoy!

This is my high altitude version. 
1 cake mix – dry + 3 rounded tablespoons flour (for high altitude)
1/2 cup oil
2 eggs whisked
1 -3/4 cup add-ins

Throughly combine all ingredients.  Be patient because the dough can be a bit stiff.
Scoop out in tablespoons and bake 350° – 9 to 10 minutes
One cake mix makes about 24 cookies.
(I like to use the medium-sized Pamper Chef cookie scoop)

Recommended Variations: (Let me know if you try any other yummy combinations!)
Chocolate w Chocolate chips (I like a fudge mix which make the cookies taste like brownies)
Yellow or Butter w Chocolate chips
Lemon w White chips
Spice w Plumped Raisins or Chocolate chips (use oatmeal instead of the added flour)
French Vanilla roll balls in cinnamon & sugar (Snickerdoodles)
Chocolate w  Peanut Butter chips



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2 responses to “Super Easy Cookies…Really!

  1. Judy

    Hey, I tried this with brownie mix too and it worked! Thanks for the great quick recipe idea.

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